Routes to Peace Heritage Trail (2nd Edition) Blog

The Peace Museum UK received a Heritage Lottery (All Our Stories) grant, to research, design and produce a pocket guide and Aurasma app (for smart phones and hand held devices). Working with children and young people across the District to tell, stories of peace, philanthropy and social reform, through exploring the built environment of Bradford city centre (BD1) they produced the Routes to Peace Heritage Trail

The cover for the Routes to Peace Heritage Trail pocket guide.

Routes to Peace Heritage Trail pocket guide.

The second edition of the pocket guide is now available to download by clicking on this link here . Please feel free to reproduce for educational  and leisure purposes.

The pocket guide is also available in hard copy FREE from the Peace Museum UK, 10 Piece Hall Yard, Bradford BD1 1PJ .

Young Bradford Peacemakers, who researched the information for, and feature in videos on the Aurasma app, led school and community  groups around the trail as part of Bradford’s Routes to Peace Season.

However anyone can follow the trail independently at any time or take an ‘armchair’ tour using the booklet and the Aurasma app (see page 7 of the pocket guide for guidance on how to install and use the app on your phone, iPod or tablet).

There is  a diary of the project  on the Peace Museum UK’s website  and general information on the Innovation and Cohesion Work’s website

You can also read what the young people thought about being involved in the project by reading the comments below.


19 thoughts on “Routes to Peace Heritage Trail (2nd Edition) Blog

  1. So we are off ! Bowling Park’s Peacemakers met in school on the 14th February to begin to research their chosen Peacemakers, places and events. They are finding out about Richard Cobden, W.E.Forster, Bradford Cathedral, Kala Sangam, Little Germany and Richard James Appleton. They will be around and about BD1 on the 27th Feb, so look out for children with iPods and clipboards! Filming starts the same day at the Peace Museum. Should be fun. They will be tweeting live 🙂

  2. So 20 Year 8 Peacemakers are joining the Routes to Peace Trail from Carlton Bolling College. They are researching and going to tell you about Broadway Speakers’ Corner, the Ukrainian Grove, J.B.Priestley, the National Media Museum, the Cenotaph, Bradford Pals, City Hall,the Garden for Peace, Centenary Square, old Speakers’ Corner Ivegate and the new Speakers’ Corner Trust’s plans for a 21st century Speakers’ Corner in New Market Place. Busy times! They will be at the Museum on the 25th February and out and about BD1. Say ‘Hello’ if you see them. More soon and yes they will be posting on here and tweeting too 🙂

    • Great time had by all when Carlton Bolling started their Routes to Peace research. Ideas about peace and non-violence in abundance and great presentations. Less said about Diane’s black and white map the better…… didn’t exactly help much! More soon.

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  4. I am from Bowling Park Primary school in Bradford, we are at the peace museum working on the Routes to Peace Trail. I have just been filmed talking about William E. Forster. I felt nervous at first but then i got used to the camera and felt confident.
    Hope you enjoy the trail.

  5. Kala sangam is in BD1. We are from bowling park in bradford, we have just finished our film about Kala sangam keep a look out for it in BD1. Hope you enjoy the trail.

  6. Bradford Cathedral is in Bradford. Its a beautiful building for all faiths. In a few minutes, we will be attending our film about the Cathedral. Keep a lookout for the Cathedral as it is in front of the Kala Sangam. :]

  7. when i first got in the museum i felt a bit shy but when i practiced i kind of got the hang of it.when it was my turn i was scared ,but when i came out i realised there is nothing to be scared of!

  8. When i came to the museum i felt as if i was going to be the first one on. I was the first one on and all the way through i was smiling simply because i was running out of words to say and also i was very shy. However i was a little confident. I am very happy to do this and now i know a lot about Bradford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am from Carlton Bolling college and when i came to the musuem i wasn’t really confident to be part of the first Bradford peace trail but after a while i learnt a lot about Bradford and i
    built my confidence.

  10. Before I began to be recorded, I felt a bit nervous and almost felt like not doing it. However after being assured and practising beforehand. I felt confident and willing to take it on. During the recording although I had doubts, I was allowed to revise and rehearse until I was really confident. I believed I excelled thanks to the help from the workers here.

  11. When i was called out to film i was panicking because i did not know what i would say about the peace garden and how i would say it.I was in the filming room i was shy however i gave it a shot, it wasn’t that bad actually.As i was talking my confident rose and a i proved on my speech.

  12. What a long day! Carlton Bolling College and Bowling Park Primary can be really proud of their Peacemakers though; they all did brilliantly in front of the camera and in their research. Great to see them grow in confidence and amazing how many were able to talk as if they were out on the trail while actually talking about a green screen! Professional or what 🙂 Thanks to Naoe for all her help. Ben and I are looking forward to working with more Peacemakers tomorrow on the Routes to Peace journey…… see you all soon.

  13. Filming in school was harder today than at the museum because of the noise. But we laughed a lot and the playback was really good.

  14. Today we were filming at the Peace Museum, it was great. We got to know more about Richard Oastler, the Commonweal Mural, the Bradford Parliament and the Women’s Humanity League.

  15. May 14th – Tonight saw the final edits made on the pocket guide and the final tests of the Aurasma app…..which have been trialed over the last few weeks around the major sites in BD1 featured in the trail. Booklet off to print on Friday and hopefully the app will be live by the 26th June 🙂

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