Aims and Objectives

Routes to Peace

Inspiration  Imagination  Action

A season of sharing and celebrating Bradford’s peace heritage and future.


To celebrate both the peace heritage of Bradford District and create awareness of those working for peace today.

To strengthen networks of organisations and individuals working for peace in Bradford District.

To imagine together, as organisations and the people we connect with, what peace means for Bradford and beyond.

To share ideas, resources and learning that can be used beyond Routes to Peace.

To connect and showcase organisations who provide opportunities for people to interact, learn more about where they live and who they live with.


Work cooperatively together as organisations on a series of peace related events in 2013 that will reach out and engage a wide range of people in:

Nonviolent thinking and action through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Exploring ideas about peace through creative processes such as exhibitions and storytelling.

Providing opportunities for people to reflect on peace in action – globally, nationally, and locally.

Connect with and highlight organisations working to build connections by providing opportunities for people to learn about themselves and each other.

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